Atree UM10 Electronic Dictionary: Fantasic Looking From A To Z


I swear, every piece of technology that comes out of Korea puts American efforts to shame. They’re playing chess, we’re playing checkers. Take this electronic dictionary from Atree, the UM10. First off, it looks like one of those slick-but-imaginary Yanko gadgets I so often write about. Except this is real, as real as Kanye’s new album is terrible. Way real.

More than a mere dictionary, though, it also has many of the same functions as a PDA or PMP—Live TV Streaming, audio/video playback (including FM radio… you hear that, Apple?), voice recorder, etc. The works. And just because, it syncs with your Outlook mailbox. I hear people with “real jobs” need to be synced to their e-mail 24/7. Not me, though; it’s like the Wild West here.

In summary, the UM10 is good, defining “good” as the opposite of [nearly] every consumer electronics device designed here. A hair under $400 if you wish to import one.

Product Info [Earlyadopter’s World via Sci Fi Tech]