Walkit benefits from Tube walkout

Europe’s cities are often based on a medieval street plan which is utterly chaotic and not suited to public transport. In London it’s sometimes possible to take a walking short-cut between London Underground stops faster than than it is to take the tube itself.

Walkit.com launched late last year but because of the recent industrial strike on the Tubes may have now found its niche.

For the week affected by the strike, traffic through the site increased by approximately five fold, generating 176,116 miles of walking routes and ‘helping people burn off a possible 6.6 million calories’. An added benefit no doubt.

Let’s hope some of those commuters will even have been converted permanently to walking for at least part of their commute, putting the fear of God into Gyms everywhere.

Walkit, which covers London, Birmingham and Edinburgh, is aiming to expand into other cities in the future, and should do well in European cities in particular.