3G iPhone Imminent, Says Some Analyst


All right, I’m apologizing now for this post, but it’s ‘news worthy’ as they say. Will Strauss is an analyst for Forward Concepts and he seems to know a thing or two about the wireless chip and DSP sector. He’s saying that the 3G iPhone’s launch in Europe is imminent as well as a Wideband-CDMA 3G version as early as this week. That should incite a resounding ‘duh’ from everyone and their mother, but hear him out.

He’s unsure of whether or not the 3G baseband chip will include HSDPA in its initial release, which is fine, but here’s why he has a strong argument about its debut in the coming weeks rather than coming months.

We have, however, confirmed that Infineon Technologies is producing UMTS baseband chips for at least two cellphone companies, and Infineon is also the only non-captive source for WCDMA/UMTS transceiver chips — and also the biggest producer of GSM/GPRS transceivers, with a third of the world market last year — said Strauss.

Infineon currently supplies the EDGE baseband and RF transceiver for the current 2G version here in the States.

It’s also come to light that Vodafone is all but out of the running with the launch of MusicStation on Monday. It’s an unlimited music download service and that won’t fly with Apple. Looks like O2 will be the sucker in the UK. All signs point to Orange in France and T-Mo for Germany. No matter who carries the iPhone, whether it’s 2G or 3G, they’ll have to fork over 10 percent of revenues to Apple for both voice and data usage.

So what have we learned today? Not a whole lot. I challenge Mr. Strauss to eat his hat if the 3G iPhone does not launch by the end of next week. If it does then I’ll eat my hat. Fair?

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