Avenue7- social around style for girls

Logo Coming out of London, Avenue7 is a community for 12 – 17 year old girls to share ideas on the latest fashion trends and products, as well as their own personal styles. Aimed at “bored fashionistas” it makes a virtue of the fact that it’s in London “the style capital of the world” (according to some at least, but then you’ve got to target your markets, right?). Users can express their tastes, show off their style, to talk to each other, and swap ideas. It’s social networking around fashion, basically.
The design currently takes a little getting used to if you are not a 17 year old but other than that it allows users to create scrapbooks to combine articles of clothing and photos to create a look. Once the look is finished other members can rate it. The “fashion feed” on the home page gives you a sense that something is going on on the rest of the site
However, there is a small issue. There are a lot of other fashion sites out there such as Fashionising.com. and let’s not even go into a Facebook application that is likely to appear. A shops section is incomplete right now. But that’s why they were at Seedcamp last week, right? To get mentoring and potentially funding to take it further….?