Flip Video Ultra Camcorder Makes Love To YouTube

Now I don’t know about you, but shooting video in VGA-quality doesn’t exactly make me excited. Still, when you consider the amount of crappy low-rez videos on YouTube, the Flip Video Ultra seems a bit more interesting. Costing only $149 for the 1GB version and a mere $30 more for a 2GB version, this camcorder made by Pure Digital has a flip-out USB plug and can upload video directly to AOL, YouTube and other sites.

The Flip Video Ultra has TV out in case you just can’t wait 10-minutes to show your friends a blurry shot of you doing jumps on a trampoline and also has basic editing features. I’m not sure how I feel about it. The price isn’t too high and a pocket camcorder is ALWAYS fun to have around, but is it worth it for VGA-quality video? Discuss.

Pure Digital Technologies Introduces the Flip Video Ultra Series, Raising the Bar for Simple Video Capture and Sharing [Yahoo!]