Logitech's PS3-Specific Bluetooth Headset, Keyboard Are Ready To Party


More Logitech stuff today, only this time I “get” what it’s all about. There’s two items and both for the much maligned PS3. You’ve got the Bluetooth Vantage Headset and MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard. The headset is as you’d expect: the earpiece is wearable on either ear and the strap promises not to cut off the circulation to your head (Remember headsets in the mid-1990s? Yeah, many of those were fairly painful to wear.) and the noise-canceling microphone adjusts any way you see fit. Look for it in November for $80. And yes, it works both in-game and out of game. Maybe you’ll be able to use it while you wander around Home, yelling at passersby.


The other peripheral, the MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard, uses the “regular” type of layout (as opposed to the new iMac and MacBook-style keyboard layout) and has the usual set of additional buttons—stunning, really, given its “MediaBoard” name. Also as you might expect, there’s PS3-specific buttons, including the familiar circle, square, cross and triangle. No need for a mouse when you’re using this keyboard as the built-in track pad handles navigation. This, too, will be here in November for $80.

Press Release [Logitech via Fareastgizmos.com]