Ice Cream Machine Gives More Ice Cream To Anrgy, Unhappy People


Everyone loves ice cream. I bet even those ridiculously built underwear models do. But owning an ice cream machine? Surely that’s a luxury reserved only for the gods. Nope, not anymore. (Or, ever, really, but let’s just pretend.) This has a twist, though.

Dr. Whippy (or Mr. Whippy, depending on whom you talk to—”Dr.” sounds better), as the machines is called, doles out ice cream based on how stressed out/angry you are. The angrier, the more stressed out you are, the more ice cream you get. (It measures the tone in your voice, “looking” for signs of stress.) And who could be mad while eating ice cream? I bet not even the Hypnotoad is angry while eating ice cream.

Unfortunately, golly gee, this is more of a prototype than anything else. It was on display at some electronics festival, but somehow I don’t se much VC money heading its way.

The unhappier you are, the more ice cream you get [We make money not art via Boing Boing]