Rumor^2: Opie From 'Opie and Anthony' Hints At XM-Sirius Merger Approval


Here’s a hot rumor for y’all to digest. And by rumor mean rumor with a capital “R.” Anyway, the actor that plays Opie on the “Opie & Anthony” Show has been dropping hints all week that the proposed merger between XM and Sirius looks to be going through. Repeated for emphasis: the XM-Sirius merger is a “go.” Do I have any audio to prove this? Of course I don’t because uploading XM audio would break copyright laws left and right. There are, however, several threads on an NSFW fan message board discussing what Spuds Buckley (Opie) said.

Is it concrete evidence that the merger is going through? Well no, of course it isn’t, but it is a hint of possible things that may or may not happen sometime in the future. Maybe. But I would expect that we’ll be hearing more, official news one way or the other this fall.

Opie & Anthony (NSFW Probably)