Firefox Isn't Bloated, DRM Will Die: Mozilla Europe CEO

tristannitot.gifTechCrunch UK’s Michael Butcher has an interview up with Mozilla Europe CEO Tristan Nitot that covers Firefox, DRM and Microsoft.

Nitot certainly doesn’t appear to be shy in his views on a number of topics. On DRM:

“I don’t think DRM has a future. Treating your customers like thieves is bad business practice. Today the customer is not ‘king’, they are considered thief first….It is stupid to think that the key to a DRM system won’t leak. So if it becomes more painful for a legitimate customer to use a product than it is for the pirates then that’s a problem.”

Nitot also states that Firefox isn’t becoming bloated: “No, Firefox is getting speedier and speedier;” whilst he is correct that Mozilla has held back from adding lots of extra features into Firefox, I’m surprised that he is claiming Firefox is getting speedier…perhaps it is, in between its memory leaks and intermittent crashes.

Full interview here.