Admish: One Stop Shopping For Colleges

We should have included this in our Back To School roundup, but Admish just launched today. What can you do? Anyhoo, I’m sure a lot of you, readers, have kids in HS or know someone that has a kid in HS. Preparing yourself for college is never an easy task. I had no idea what I wanted to study and my counselor was a complete twit. It’s hard to pick a school anyway you look at it unless you know exactly what you want to study and/or your parents are loaded and can get you into a good school. We live in a world with so much useless information on the Web that sites like Admish could get lost in the shuffle. But nothing gets past me. No way.

The quick and dirty on Admish is that it acts as a central hub for your college admissions process. It’s a social networking site with a useful purpose. How does that work? By creating a profile (just like you would on Facebook or LinkedIn), you can now search through the Admish database of over 5,000 schools and find what fits you best.

Colleges can also search the user directory and find students that they feel suits their school best by checking out their details, so be sure to upload cool videos, pictures, audio tracks, and what not about yourself. You can also peruse college counselor’s profiles for important tips. I wish I had this around when I was getting ready for college.

The Admishionary seems to be quite the useful tool. I remember the whole admissions process as the biggest headache of my life. I forgot about certain forms that I didn’t know I had to submit and it was just a mess, but with the Admishionary you know exactly what you need to know to make the whole process a breeze. You can even arrange to visit schools, figure out what college rankings mean and all the other fun stuff involved in the admissions process.

Well, that was neither quick nor dirty was it? Just perusing the site myself it seems like a useful place to sign up and poke around on. Everyone can get involved including parents and it’s a great way to see what your options are in one place. I used to look at hundreds of books that were impartial and meant nothing to me. Admish seems to clear all the clutter and give it to you straight. If all else fails, which I’m sure it won’t, you can pick up (smart) chicks that will help you with your homework. It’s a win-win situation.