Cubic Telecom: Roam If You Want To, Roam Around The World

Cubic Telecom is a global MVNO that aims to lower those outrageous global roaming charges we all incur while traveling. The service combines a simple to use no frills handset that works over the GSM network or Wi-Fi and a MAXroamSIM card that stores your contacts and allows you to make calls to anyone that’s up to 80 percent cheaper than what you’re paying now. If you’re worried about finding a Wi-Fi hotspot then fret not because CT has partnered to create the world’s larget public Wi-Fi network. There are two handsets to choose from: the Cubic Basic Phone (99 Euro) and the Cubic Windows Mobile Phone (159 Euro). Seems like a good idea, but I like my frills. I also don’t travel internationally that often, so it’s certainly worth looking into for all you globe trotters.

Cubic Telecom