French iPhone launches November 29, first picture

TechCrunch France has broken a story saying the iPhone will be launched in France with Orange at a 300 euro price-point. The phone will be available from 29th November and announced on the 24th September during the Apple Expo in Paris.

Going against predictions so far, the story says there won’t be any unlimited data plan (as there is in the US) nor will the phone be a 3G version of the iPhone, which is something of a disappointment. TechCrunch France editor Ouriel Ohayon has a first picture of the Orange iPhone with a French menu (operated in roaming mode). CrunchGear has more on the story.

Apple is making an announcement about the iPhone in London tomorrow, and it’ll be interesting to see if many of the above details turn out to be the case in the UK. We’ll be bringing you live blog coverage of the event.