HD Format Wars: It's a Draw?

According to Screen Digest the format war won’t be ending anytime in the near future. The argument they’ve put forward is quite compelling and makes a lot of sense. HD DVD could be the format of choice in Europe, but Blu-ray could own the US and Asia. There’s also the chance that studios backing one format could potentially lose $270 million in 2008. The upcoming holiday season probably won’t make or break either of the formats. I’ll go out and buy an HD DVD player because Transformers is only available on that format, but then I’d go out and buy Nip/Tuck on Blu-ray. Each format has a strong following and it would be so much easier if studios produced both formats. I’m not sure of the logistics and costs, but I’d imagine it would work itself out in the long run, but I’m no financial analyst.

Blu-ray and HD DVD formats set to co-exist [Tech.co.uk]