Sprint Introduces Airave

Watch out T-Mobile, ’cause your @Home service isn’t the hot shit anymore. Sprint is coming out with a device called the Airave that aims to boost wireless signals indoors and give customers the option to place calls over the Internet. It works by plugging the device into your broadband connection and using your Sprint phone to make calls. You’ll get a boost in reception over a 5000 square-foot radius and calls are placed through the Internet instead of Sprint’s network. When you walk out of the device’s range, you switch back automatically to Sprint’s network. All this doesn’t come for cheap though.

Selling in Indianapolis (GO COLTS) today, the device itself costs $49.99 and a monthly service charge will apply. Individuals pay $15 a month while families shell out $30 a month for the privilege of unlimited calls via the ‘net. Sounds like a decent deal, especially for those stuck with a Sprint contract and cruddy reception.

Sprint Nextel to introduce the Airave [AP]