Yahoo Presents Yahoo Teachers At TechCrunch40
Delivering the first major company presentation at TechCrunch 40, Scott Moore and Bill Scott from Yahoo presented Yahoo Teachers, a new research focused service aimed at making life easier for teachers. Yahoo Teachers is a clip to database style service; users utilize the “gobbler” that is an online clipping service with a desktop interface client where they can drag research and reading materials when formulating lessons. Where it becomes an even more appealing service for teachers is with the sharing capabilities: think Wikipedia but written by school teachers with a focus on delivery to children.


Sure, it’s perhaps not the sexiest product release from Yahoo, and when some of the details leaked last week it was already written off as a product that is “a yawner.” But having spoken with a few teachers about the idea prior to today’s presentation, every single one of them thought it was a good idea. Folks without children can ignore this next line, but for those of us who do have kids, I think every tool that empowers and enriches the abilities of school teachers to teach our children are without doubt a good thing. I’ve got no idea whether this service will be as good as Yahoo makes it out to be, but here’s hoping it is.