Google Adds Adsense to Mobile

googleadsense.jpgIt is everywhere… advertising, and escaping ads and marketing campaigns might just get a little harder. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. Because, while Google may not have invented online advertising, its efforts certainly brought ads to sites that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to sell any sort of banner ads or generate other forms of revenue.

Now the mobile Web may begin to look a lot like the old Web. Google has announced the availability of AdSense for Mobile, a program that contextually targets ads to mobile Web site content. And there is money for those who serve up the ads too. The service allows ad partners to earn revenue from their mobile sites by placing the ads. AdSense for Mobile will be available to mobile Web site publishers in 13 countries including the United States, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, The Netherlands, Australia, India, China and Japan.

How successful this will be, still remains to be seen. For one thing mobile Web users don’t just tend surf the way that users do on a PC. Mobile Web users look for very specific content, so the ads will need to be even more compelling to get users to click-thru. But for developing nations where PC penetration is small the mobile Web could be very enticing. This could be a whole new game for Goggle.

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