Five Dollars, Why I Oughta!


Don’t click through yet, friends, but has a site in the works that will let you pop over, order a few dozen bottles of Smirnoff, and drink up in honor of your shattered dreams, gimlet-eyed lovers, and failures as a human. The site will be one of the first to be able to legally deliver hard booze to 39 states and it even offers a recommendation engine — great for parties or your next intervention! — and a social networking “party room” system where you can hang with other lushes.

The site won’t be live for a few months — late 2008 was the plan — bit it will eventually spare all of us from the humiliation of going to town to pick up a “snoot-full of the old devil rye” while Mollie Pitcher stares balefully down at us from the poster behind the counter.

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