Numark's iDJ2 iPod DJ System Almost Here, So Here's Some Pics


Right, so if you haven’t caught wind yet, Vince and I are totally into house music and want to be DJs once this CrunchGear gig runs its course. It’s a pie-in-the-sky dream is all. I think Numark iDJ2 would help get us on our feet, no problem. She’s fairly pricey when compared to the average tech toy—the $799 price will have to be floated on my credit card for a few months—but keep this in mind—it’s pretty much a fully functioning deck. Those aren’t cheap.

And I want one. Like, an hour ago when I was still asleep I wanted one.

No real reviews out there yet of the iPod DJ device (I’ll be working the phones trying to get one of our own), just a bunch of pictures that make me wish my name was Nicholas van Leeuw. (Get it? Dutch name, lots of DJs are Dutch…)



Yeah, we saw Underworld last week

It’s funny—I couldn’t give a toss about the revolutionary iPhone, but give me a better, iPod-friendly way to match beats and I’m putty.

Numark iDJ2 Mobile DJ Workstation [iLounge]