TechCrunch40 startups from our side of the pond

There is one Irish and one UK startup presenting at TechCrunch40 this week:

Ireland’s Cubic Telecom is creating a global Mobile Virtual Network (MVNo) to drastically reduce international calling rates by lowering mobile roaming and call charges. Founder Pat Phelan is a well known communications blogger in Ireland who “wants a world in which anyone can pick up their mobile phone wherever they are and call anyone in any country for as long as they like without worrying about the price.” Cubic’s “Maxroam” allows you to add numbers to the SIM as you travel via your online account. Esssentially calls are routed from one number in each place. Every call on the mobile becomes a local call. Going live on October First, you can order a SIM card from their website..

The UK’s Trutap is a mobile social-networking application aimed at the youth market that enables users to stay connected with offline and online friends regardless of where they are in the world. The application also claims to work with all social networks, IM clients, network carriers and mobile phone devices. The service is accessible via client software on the handset and their web browser experience synchronises all Trutap messages, conversations and contacts. The application lets users communicate with individuals or groups via text, picture and instant messaging. The service also enables users to link to their social networks, upload pictures and update their blogs. It’s not a million miles away from Hotxt in the UK, but more advanced. A beta program opens today. API coming soon. Threats include Nokia’s Ovi service, although Trutap says it already has deals in place with a number of networks.

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