Mac Office 2008 Preview Site Launched: Software Here Early 2008


Office 2008 for Mac is coming early next year; hold your horses, Vince. In the meantime, Microsoft has launched a preview Web site where you can take a look at some of the office suite’s features. It is exciting, I know. (To me, Google Apps has pretty much eliminated the need for Office, especially since it means I can do the same work from a library computer as I could from my laptop.) So if you have a hot minute, be sure to check it out.

Perhaps even better than a static Web site is the development team’s blog, now updated with a behind-the-scenes look at Elements Gallery, the Ribbon-like interface that will makes its debut with Office 2008.

If they release a Student Edition I’ll probably give it a whirl. I mean, downloading software is wrong and all.

Office 2008 Preview [Microsoft]

Mac Mojo Blog [Office Dev Team via AppleInsider]