PlayPhone Gets Platinum Studios’ Archive

playphone.jpgIf you are a fan of comics and graphic novels, you may be excited to learn that PlayPhone now offers comics, ringtones and cell phone wall paper from Platinum Studios’ archive, the world’s largest collection of independent comic characters. Popular series such as Cowboys & Aliens, Hero By Night and KISS 4K will be available for download across all major wireless carriers. DrunkDuck, the Web comic community site owned by Platinum Studios, is also available on PlayPhone.

“Platinum Studios has long believed in the philosophy of ‘comics fueling media everywhere,’ and now we are able to deliver mobile versions of our comics directly to mobile consumers,” said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Platinum Studios, Inc.

“Tapping into the fan base for these comics series and giving them a new way to express their appreciation for this art form on their mobile phones is a natural method of delivery for the extensive Platinum Studios comic library,” added Brian Altounian, Platinum Studios’ president and chief operating officer.

I’ve never been a fan of comics but I know some people follow their favorite series passionately. Mobile services like PlayPhone provides allows people to show the whole world their individuality and passions on a handheld device. Other such applications like graphics from museums or ringtones from popular musicians have found a market niche. There is no reason why comic generated content can’t prove to be both profitable and popular among the comic reading public.

Platinum Studios