You'll Have To Buy iPod Games Again To Play Them On New iPods


What’s that? Oh, nothing—just the sound of Apple screwing its customers. Anyone who bought a game for the iPod prior to the PMP’s re-launch two weeks ago will have to re-buy those very same games because, as Apple told iLouge, the games were “reformated” for the new iPods.

Jeez, Apple, you must have a thing for stickin’ it to your most loyal customers.

Who’s willing to throw another $5 right out the window just to get their Pac-Man fix? Not me—I’m cool with just music and jerky video. (Is it me, or does the nano play video sorta shoddily? This comedian’s video podcast (NSFW) plays fairly poorly on my black nano.)

Apple: iPod game buyers, re-purchase for classic, 3G nano [iLounge]