iHome iHC5S: This Time, An iHome For Cellphones


There’s no way to follow gadgets and technology without knowing about the 11 thousand models of iHome clock radio deals that have been released. (Side note: I thought Apple sued everyone with an “i” in the name.) The latest one—iHC5S—is designed with cellphones in mind and looks like it would make a fine partner with the iPhone. Unfortunately the iPhone can’t send music over Bluetooth, making the earth-changing cellphone all but useless with the device. (You can, however, use them to rig up a speakerphone.) There’s also a regular ol’ line-in jack that you could use to connect any number of audio devices.

What makes the iHC5S different from the many other iHomes? This one has four speakers, as compared to only two in other models. It’s also a much, I don’t know, “cooler” color, with a silvery paint scheme that makes the other iHomes look a little Fisher Price-y. Aside from that, it’s the same iHome that has been around forever. The most practical use I can think of would be to connect your MP3-playing cellphone and use it as a music-of-your-choice-playing alarm clock. Then again, there’s several pieces of free software that you could use to wake up to your iTunes library. I wake up to Godsmack (can’t get much louder than that—you’ll leap right out of bed) using Aurora on my iMac.

The iHC5S should be here “soon” for around $150.

Product Page [iHome via iLounge]