Sony Looks To Blu-ray To Save The PS3 During The Holidays


Blu-ray, the technology seemingly pushed onto an unreceptive and not ready public, will be the key to the PS3’s success this holiday season. That’s what Sony thinks, while admitting that its strategy of “it’s a game console! no, it’s a Blu-ray player!” may be tough to employ. Kaz Hirai, the SCE president, gave an interview to the Financial Times wherein he tried to explain the company’s rationale for essentially confusing consumers vis-a-vis the PS3’s main purpose (game machine or Blu-ray player).

The thing is, if Sony keeps banking on games like Lair to propel it back to the top of the mountain, it’s gonna be a long hard slog. That’s right, I use out-of-date, unrelated quotes to back of my video game arguments.

Sony shines Blu-ray on PS3 sales campaign [Financial Times via Next-Gen]