Visto for Lotus Domino

visto2.jpgMany road warriors – of the business kind that is, not the clad in leather Mad Max variety – swear by Lotus Domino, and this week mobile e-mail provider Visto Corporation has announced a marketing and enablement relationship with IBM. This will leverage the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler and help enable delivery of Visto’s Mobile for IBM Lotus Domino.

“In an age of increasing mobile usage, providing flexibility and choice to customers is demanded to address the range of IT configurations that can be found in businesses of all sizes,” said Michael Rhodin, general manager, Lotus Software, IBM Software Group. “The combination of Lotus
Notes Traveler and Visto Mobile offers a compelling mobility solution for the millions of Lotus Notes users.”

This deal will mean that Big Blue and Visto will also collaborate on the marketing of Visto Mobile for Lotus Domino. It will also provide existing and new users with mobile access to e-mail, as well as calendar appointments, contacts and other data, which can then be pushed directly to the user’s mobile handset.

This could be a good solution for those who do a lot of traveling and need to stay connected to the home office, especially depending on what mobile devices are being used. Anything that allows one device to do more is always good in our book, provided it doesn’t mean redundancy or bog down the user experience with yet another layer of menus to navigate. However, Visto has always been good with seamless integration, so this could be just the right solution for weary road warriors – even of the leather clad variety.