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MacBook Rumors: We Told You So!


One time out of 25, your rumor-mongering turned out to have some basis in fact, and you brag? Christ….

The AudioFile: Apple Is the New Sony

Scoop Diesel

ah man, you’re killin me over here Kob! Ok, i know that the only coffee you NY jerkys have to drink is at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks…but is there still no mom & pop style coffee houses in the ever trendy, over run with hipsters, Williamsburg? First Apple now Mikey… Is there any thing Starbucks won’t take from me?

Arrested Circuit City Guy Claims Success, Settles With City


I hate having to show my receipt.

I just stood in line to spend my money. Now I have to stand in line to prove I just bought it five minutes ago?!

Kiss my butt, big box stores.

For what its worth, I never show my receipt to the Best Buy, Circuit City people. There’s no law that says I have to. As soon as I paid at the register-big box store was out of the picture.

I don’t think I look intimidating or anything, maybe just old and harmless.

Now, I do stand in line at Costco to show my receipt. The difference being is that I’m a member there and I have to adhere to their policies otherwise they can cancel my membership – or I can choose not to be a member. (I’m buying diapers and baby wipes by the mini-van full. I need Costco more than they need me.)

I’m surprised CC called the cops in the above story. Suspicion of stealing?? Inability to prove innocence? What the heck could the cops have called him on.

What the guy should have done was show his ID and receipt to the cop and then the cop would have had to club the CC employee over the head for wasting his time. Either way, Mr. No ID could have sued CC for whatever the Ohio equivalent of unlawful imprisonment is.

Having said that, when I was…I mean…I heard that kids who have friends as cashiers can get them to swipe the UPC code for the lesser expensive items and casually miss the more expensive items so that they aren’t charged. Or print out their own UPC codes and slap them over the real codes so that they buy a 32 inch LCD for the price of a Van Halen CD.

So, the stores aren’t being unreasonable in asking to see the receipt…just a pain in the ass.