Canadians Get New XM Channels

My friends to the north! Rejoice! XM has graced you with several new channels that will surely make sports enthusiasts smile. Here are the 10 new channels you’ll be getting this week:

  • Radio Disney (ch 115)
  • ESPN Radio (ch 140)
  • ESPNEWS (ch 141)
  • IndyCar
  • (ch 159) ATN-Asian Radio
  • Pac 10 Play-by-Play (ch 193)
  • (ch 237) NHL Play-by-Play
  • NHL Play-by-Play (ch 238)
  • NHL Play-by-Play (ch 239)
  • Big XII Play-by-Play (ch 241)

  • Told ya sports fans would be happy. ESPN a’plenty and three new NHL channels so you can follow your beloved Maple Leaves with diligent ear. XM just keeps getting better and better.

    XM Canada adds new channels [Orbitcast]