Furutech LP Flattener Revives Vinyl


I’ve been itching to get a record player of my own for over a decade now, but I’ve never found the right time or have I had the money set aside to really think about getting one. My recent stint in an East Village sublet piqued my interest once again and also alerted me to a few things about old LPs that I never really had to think about. Warped LPs are a deal breaker when you’re macking on a chick and Marvin Gaye starts to jump around. Then she thinks you’re a cheap bastard who can’t afford an iPod rather than the vinyl aficionado you really are.

My apartment was chock full of old albums that I found myself listening to after work, but a few records weren’t in the best condition because they were warped from the heat and cold most things experience in a shanty of an apartment in NYC. So, it’s pretty neat that Furutech has an LP flattener that smoothes everything out. I just wish it didn’t cost $1,480. Maybe I am a cheap bastard.

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