Starbucks To Give Away 1.5M Songs Per Day Next Week For Wi-Fi iTunes Launch


You didn’t think Starbucks would quietly launch the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store (which launches October 2), did you? The coffee giant will dole out, for free, 1.5 million songs per day (or 50 million in total… my bad), but only from select artists. Think Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and the other “safe” artists the store promotes. There’s a noticeable lack of 2Pac and Rakim.

That’s not all!

Starbucks, whose stupid drinks course through my veins a good eight hours per day, will also sell [tag]iTunes[/tag] Digital Release Cards. Potentially awkward name aside (“digital release?” uh…), these cards come with full albums plus heaps of additional content like videos, digital booklets and other fun stuff. Hundreds of stuff.

On a technical note, the Wi-Fi music store will be laptop-accessible, so you won’t have to buy an iPod Touch or iPhone to play around with it. No login fees for this, either.

Press Release [Starbucks via iLounge]