Yuuguu Takes Desktop Sharing Mobile

yuuguu.pngUK based Yuuguu will officially launch at DEMO today with a cross platform desktop sharing platform that also works on mobile phones.

Yuuguu, a name apparently derived from the Japanese word for fusion, enables users to see, share, and control other computer screens and applications. Yuuguu supports web browsers on any device, notably on mobile phones providing anywhere access and flexibility.

Suggested uses include team members working on a project or by friends sharing applications.

Yuuguu also includes low cost voice conferencing services for one-to-one and one-to-many voice calls.

This is a close to saturated vertical, and I’m tempted to say that a startup entering the space must have rocks in their head, or something completely different. Mobile desktop sharing is fairly new, however I couldn’t get it to work. Issues aside, Yuuguu’s idea is sound, with a lot of potential.