Amazon MP3 Beta Launches


Everyone seems to be making comparisons to Apple in regards to just about any product that rolls off the lines in China. The Zune was supposed to be the iPod killer and this and that. There are clearly some very good rivals when it comes to hardware, but iTunes seems to have weathered the onslaught from various foes over the years and now Amazon has launched their mp3 into Beta. How does it stack up?


For starters, songs are priced at a low 89 cents on up to 99 cents with albums as low as $4.99. They’re also DRM-free in case you were wondering. EMI is on board, but Amazon needs to lock down the other three major labels, which isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. The interface is easy to navigate and samples of tracks last 30 seconds. You have to install the Amazon MP3 Downloader with the purchase of your first track and then your music is automatically pushed onto your iTunes or Windows Media Player library. I couldn’t find any free tracks to test out the downloader, but maybe when one of you has. Anyone? Good luck, Amazon!