Tailgate on Your Mobile Phone

emdigo.jpgEmdigo announced that NFL Team Tailgate 3D is now available to Verizon Wireless and Alltel Communications customers. If you are a true football fanatic, Tailgate 3D is the application for you. Users can show the world that they aren’t just fair weather fans.

All 32 professional teams and their players are featured on Team Tailgate. Users can get their favorite players to perform videogame quality animations such as taunts, big hits and end zone celebrations whenever the phone is opened. Players will throw, catch and kick in a variety of 3D animations. New content and animations are downloaded automatically twice a month so the animation doesn’t become too repetitive.

Player cards with statistics and biography are accessible for every player. The entire NFL schedule is posted, with your team’s next game highlighted with 3D crashing helmets animation. Animated wallpapers and dialing skin can be setup that go beyond the initial screen and into the actual dialing interface.

“Football fans are truly passionate about their teams and favorite players,
so we’re delivering high-quality content that they can be proud to host on
their handsets,” said Emdigo President Steve Gleitsmann. “We’re honored that
both Verizon Wireless and Alltel Communications are recognizing the
uniqueness of Emdigo’s 3D phone screensavers by awarding NFL Team Tailgate a
coveted top deck position on their networks.”

If you are someone who likes to talk smack while wearing you team’s logo, NFL Team Tailgate 3D is the service for you. I don’t know why it took three weeks into the season for Verizon and Alltel to offer Tailgate 3D, but there is still time for 13 games and the playoffs for you to show the team colors. Although, if you are a Lions fan like me, a playoff spot feels hopeless after last Sunday’s crushing defeat to the Eagles. I wonder if Tailgate 3D has animations that include foreseeable interceptions, flaccid tackling and a secondary that camps out in lawn chairs? I can see it now, NFL Team Tailgate 3D Lions Addition, for teams that don’t talk trash, just get trashed.

Verizon Wireless
Alltel Communications