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Yes, Virginia, Some Halo 3 Discs Are Defective

Ian Cavnar

Man, Zac Effron has an awesome life; he gets to hang out with Master Chief *and* bone Vanessa Hudgens.

People Skip School For Halo 3 Defective Discs And All (Whaaa?)


Man, you really had me confused there for a second. When you said “Peter came”, I thought you were talking about Peter Moore and that he came to flaunt his Halo tattoo one more time and to see whether going to EA was the right decision. After not finding him on any of the photos, however, I finally realized it was Halo-tattoo-less Peter Ha you were talking about

Video Professor Sends Reviewers To Detention, Files Suit Againt 100 For Bad Mouthing Product


Oh man! John at HP just got CrunchGear an invitation to a Colorado courthouse.


I wonder which post got the VP all hot and bothered. Somebody must have said something about the VP’s mother.

My guess is that the VP came into work one morning, stormed into his lawyer’s office, threw down a stack of print outs from the message board and demanded that his lawyers do something…anything.

The six claims in the pleading are pretty lame- a fishing expedition, if you will. By contrast, the response of one of the hosting companies to the subpoenas may have the VP’s lawyers stopped in their tracks…for a while anyways.


BTW: Am I the only one old enough to remember Time/Life and Columbia House subscriptions? Twenty CD’s for a penny and then you only have to buy ten more at regular prices? Except you were never able to cancel the damn thing and you spent about ten years rushing the newly arrived CD back to the post office so you wouldn’t get charged?