Headphone Guitar Amp For Quiet Shredding


I can’t really shred anymore. I sold my Gibson axe after I finished college and figured out that unless you’re really talented, being in a post-graduate band isn’t even a little bit cool. But maybe one day I’ll throw in a copy of Six String Samurai and get motivated to start playing again.

If I do, I’ll surely need one of these headphone amps while I work on my killer fret work. They come in three different sounds and include an auxiliary input so’s I can jam out to some Slave to the Traffic Light and work on my sweet solos. The included AAA batteries will fetch me 15 hours of jam-time, which should be all that I need until I give up and sell the guitar.

They cost 35 British Pounds or roughly $70 American.

Headphone Guitar Amplifiers [voxamps.co.uk] via Boing Boing Gadgets