Apples and Amazons: Fun Facts And Pretentious Bands

Would you rather see boring company logos, or literal nonsense?

AmazonMP3 has the potential to not suck, which, knowing all the non-iTunes pay-to-download services, could be a first. It works on any OS, all MP3s are DRM-free (and encoded at a decent 256kbps) and music is available from artists you’d actually hear on the radio—actually, that may be a negative. Support a few countries other than the U.S. and I’m sure Amazon will syphon off a few iTunes customers.

Speaking of iTunes, how do the two services compare, content-wise? Cult of Mac noticed a few things, like how Radiohead’s whole discography is available for $8.99 per album. (Remember, there’s no Radiohead on iTunes because the band is made up of a bunch of crybabies who only want to sell albums and not give you the chance to buy tracks separately.) Also, seven of the current top 10 songs on iTunes are available on AmazonMP3. The thing is, AmazonMP3’s songs are DRM-free, which can’t be said about any of iTunes’.

Little things, yes, but something to think about while you down your morning coffee (I’m about to head to my coffee joint in a minute) and cruise ESPN while the boss isn’t looking.

Interesting Comparisons between iTunes and Amazon [Cult of Mac]