Five PC Gaming Myths

I’ll admit it. I used to be a PC gamer. I was all about the overclocking, the parts, the upgrades and achieving the best frame-rate possible in Half-Life. In time though, I lost interest and pretty much stopped gaming altogether. ExtremeTech has a list of the top five myths in PC gaming and it’s an interesting look at why some people might not want game on a PC.

The first myth is that PC gaming is way too expensive. Though budget gaming PCs are available, I’d have to disagree with this myth. The constant need to upgrade your video card and CPU is always looming over your head every time a new year rolls around. With a console, you at least know you can pop in a disc and have a good time. Another myth is that PC gaming means nothing but broken releases, updates and patches. Though some games aren’t fantastic right out the door, the majority are fine and really aren’t subjected to constant downloading of content and updates. Hit the link below to check out all the myths surrounding PC gaming.

Five PC Gaming Myths [ExtremeTech]