Halo 3 and the Best of Humanity

Halo 3 has been available for over 24 hours now and it’s difficult to turn anywhere without seeing something written about it. It’s generally your standard “Halo 3 will make Microsoft $1846183746387461863” fare in the media and from fans its “ZOMG HALO 3 IS THE BEST THING SINCE JESUS.”

In the interest of culling the fold of useless comments, I’ve narrowed it down to the best two comments about Halo 3 currently available on the Internet.

The first comes from The NY Times:

Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, is the richest man on earth. R. J. Bollard, a freshman at the University of Washington, said he would have 73 cents left in his bank account as of midnight. And that’s one reason Mr. Gates is likely to be the richest man on earth for quite a while.

“I don’t know how I’m going to feed myself,” Mr. Bollard said.

Foregoing food for Halo 3 is hilaaaaarious. I just hope that Mr. Bollard has a contingent plan for paying his electric bill.

The other comment surfaced on Bash.org:

E-mail from my comp sci professor:
I want to be clear on this point, because several
people have asked me.
The release of HALO3, tonight, does NOT qualify
as a religious holiday.

I miss college.