Newton 2.0?

Excuse me while I cram this chunk of salt down my throat. Now that we’ve put that out of the way lets chat about the return of the Newton. AppleInsider has some insider info that a team of engineers has taken the multi-touch technology and is busy working on Newton 2.0 or has been for the better part of the past 18 months. During that time the project has sputtered due to the iPhone, but it seems to be back on track.

The purported Newton 2.0 will run a mini me version of Leopard and its form factor is in line with the iPhone/Touch, but much bigger, about 1.5 times bigger. The high-resolution display will supposedly be 720×480 with new multi-touch concepts like drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste.

The Newton 2.0 is rumored to launch sometime in the first half of next year so maybe we’ll see something at Mac World.

Up next for Apple: the return of the Newton [AppleInsider]