Nike Develops Sneaker Exclusively For Native Americans, Helps Their Health

Before you immediately discount this next post—a post about sneakers—hear me out. Nike, for the first time in its history, has designed a sneaker for a specific ethnic group. For Native Americans, the sneaker—the Nike Air Native N7—was designed to address health problems commonly found in the Native American community, like obesity and diabetes. Compared to the average Nike, the Air Native is about three sizes wider and some measure longer. (No, I don’t know by what measure.) The company will sell the sneaker directly to relevant Native American institutions which will then dole them out, at cost, to those who wish to buy ’em.

As it turns out, Nike’s not going to make any outrageous profit from the sneaker; it was designed to improve Nike’s image and standing amongst, you know, people.

Hey Nike, how ’bout a blogger shoe? One that makes running around press events painless and continuously pumps caffeine into your bloodstream. I’d buy it (or get John to buy it for us).

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