Truphone Demos First Ever VoIP Over Wi-Fi Call On The iPhone

This video is with a Nokia device and iPhone. Not the actual demo given between two iPhones.

And John Biggs’ head has exploded.

What’s cool about this is that you don’t need a SIM unlock so no worries about bricking your phone until Apple gets pissy enough to do something about it. Calls are 100 percent IP-based seeing as how they go from one iPhone over Wi-fi to the Truphone’s servers and then onto the next iPhone who is also using Truphone’s service. Cool, right?

Truphone also demonstrated an app that combines telephony with Facebook. It seems like a very cool app that offers free phone service to you and all your friends on Facebook with the app.

Key facts

iPhone demonstration

1. Many people have called for true VoIP calling on Apple’s iPhone. Truphone will today prove that it is possible using the iPhone’s in-built Wi-Fi capability.
2. Truphone’s demonstration will comprise two iPhones connected to Wi-Fi on the DEMOfall 07 stage. A VoIP call will be initiated from one handset, routed via Wi-Fi and the Internet to Truphone’s servers, and then back again to the access point and onwards to the destination handset – a 100% IP phone call.
3. Today’s event will be a live demonstration only and is not a commercial launch of Truphone on the iPhone.
4. Truphone does not need to unlock the SIM in order to operate its service for the iPhone.

Facebook demonstration

1. The company will also give a demonstration today of an application that mashes up social networking site Facebook with traditional telephony. The big differentiator between Truphone’s demonstration and other applications for Facebook is that Truphone is the only one to embed an actual phone into the very heart of Facebook.
2. Facebook users will be able to drop their Truphone ‘Call Me’ button onto their friends’ Walls and also embed it into Facebook messages. People will be able to allow other people to call them, while keeping their actual number confidential.
3. The Truphone ‘Call Me’ button for Facebook to be demonstrated today showcases the potential for additional innovative services enabled by Truphone’s all-IP internet telephony infrastructure.
4. Truphone’s Facebook application is currently in development.