Digital Life 2007: The Man (Kid, Really) Behind The 'Cruce Wayne' Moniker

Cruce Wayne rules

Like Vince said, he and I picked a random kid at the end of the Digital Life entrance line today, hooked him up with a press badge and took him around the show floor. A journalist for the day, if you will. Free T-shirts and other goodies and review units were but some of the items he took home.

But who is he? Who is Cruce Wayne (and why does that name make us laugh so very much)? I interviewed the young lad in the press room, trying to get a feel for what he’s all about.

Cruce Wayne’s real name is Chris. I’ll withhold his last name because he’s only 15 and I don’t want to be sued. Hailing from Nazareth, PA, Chris is taking a computer programming class, Web development specifically. The class went on a field trip to Digital Life. And then we found him and made his his day. (I really hope so. Vince and I legitimately hope Chris had a good time, hard to believe that may be.)

So what was Chris looking forward to seeing at Digital Life? He’s a gamer and a budding guitarist, so Guitar Hero 3 was his “must see” product. If everything works out, he’ll be getting a free copy of the game when it comes out. Other than that, he was mainly there for the whole tech scene—MP3 players, cellphones, computer stuff, etc. Good for him.

Other than that, Chris is the typical kid. He played baseball growing up, likes to ride dirt bikes and is totally into the band CKY.

As for Cruce Wayne… basically, I’m the worst typer on the staff, bar none. Every other word I type in our chat room is misspelled, leading to hilarity. Recently we were discussing super heroes—as we do—and I meant to say something like, I bet it’d be cool to hang out with Bruce Wayne. Of course, I accidentally wrote “Cruce Wayne.” It’s now an Internet phenomenon. Expect us to begin hawking t-shirts very soon.