Intel Research Wants Your Gadgets To Know You, Love You, Hold You Forever

Intel’s research labs aren’t like other research labs. If anyone is going to be able to incite the first war against the machine, it will be some guy in a bunny suit who insults an Intel 8-core autonomous Jeep with dual Gatling guns. Now, however, their goal is to create mini-systems that can “understand” us and react accordingly. In a longish interview, Intel describes a scenario in which your phone figures out if you’re moving or standing still, assesses your current location, and infers what you might be doing at the time. It then routes a call through or sends it to voicemail depending on if it knows you’re in line at the DMV or spending some quality time with grandma.

All of this is pie-in-the-sky stuff a la the Paleo-future videos we’ve been finding recently. If it comes to fruition, though, can death and destruction at the hands of our robot overlords be far behind?

The Future of Computing, According to Intel [TechnologyReview]