Someone Please Tell John Biggs He Has The Wrong Press Credentials

We totally laughed at John’s expense at Digital Life today. Last night there was a press event called ShowStoppers, totally unrelated to Digital Life. Similar stuff, sure, but completely different show. Someone noticed that all of our Digital Life badges were different: I have “Crunch Gear,” Vince has “CrunchGear,” Peter has “,” Blake has “Crunch m” (the “m” went down to the second line) and what does John have?

The badge for Showstoppers!

Yes Johhny boy decided to roll into Digital Life with his ShowStoppers press badge! I kid you not, me, Vince, Peter and Blake pointed and laughed—John laughed too—right at him. How John managed to get into Digital Life with completely incorrect ID is beyond me.

Line of the night? “Dude, Cruce Wayne has more accurate credentials than you do.” We’re all one happy family here at CG.