Four mystery phones appear on Verizon's Website [UPDATE]

It’s common knowledge round these parts that Verizon probably has the best coverage, but their devices have been so-so. Oh, who am I kidding? The phones available on that network are about as atrocious as their customer service and rate plans. But their device lineup is certainly shaping up to take on the likes of T-Mobile. Well, actually, every major service provider is getting a boatload of cool phones in the coming months, so Verizon just needs to work on not being so shady, but I digress.

Four new phones will be unveiled next week and it’s safe to say that one of them is the BlackBerry Pearl. You would think I would know these things, but I’m too lazy to search around. What are your guesses as to the other two?

Update The lineup is Samsung Juke, BlackBerry Pearl, LG Venus and LG Voyager.