CrunchRumor: Zune 2 launching on the 16th, maybe tomorrow [Update]

There seem to be rumors floating around today that the Zune 2 will be announced tomorrow, but there’s no definitive confirmation as of yet. Our inside sources have hinted at it, but we’re looking at an official announcement on the 16th. If this turns out to be true than our insider will be swimming with the fishes.

[Update]: So we’ve just received confirmation from our informant that Zune 2.0 will be officially announced tomorrow at midnight EST. Expect to see a flash-based version and a hard drive-based model up to 160GB, as well. They will most likely be available on the 16th, so some of the earlier rumors are still true. We’ll find out tomorrow, though.

[Update 2]: Details keep trickling in and the latest is that the HDD Zune is noticeably smaller than the first generation and lighter. It even has the same shock-absorbing technology as in MacBooks so it unparks the drive. And it’s made of chocolate! (Damn you, informant! Everything but the chocolate part is true.)

[Update 3]: Now with spy pics. We know you love spy pics.