Plug To Be Finally Pulled On Findory

Personalized newspaper service Findory is finally closing, after remaining on life support since January when development ceased.

Founder Greg Linden has now posted that the site will now be shut November 1.

Linden took the opportunity to preach the gospel of personalized news, despite Findory’s failure:

Some day, online newspapers will focus on your interests, building you your own unique, customized front page of news. Some day, search engines will learn from what you do to help you find what you need. Some day, your computer will adapt to your needs to help with the task at hand. Some day, information overload will be tamed.

Strangely, despite a fairly smart looking platform, there has been no apparent effort at selling the site and/ or backend; I would have thought an eBay exit would have suited the site well. Findory will now properly join the TechCrunch Deadpool.