AOL may turn into World of Warcraft site

Since 1998, has been owned by AOL. Nothing has really been done with it, until rumors started spreading the other day. Apparently, AOL is set on turning the defunct domain into a World of Warcraft social networking site. This is a great move for AOL, who has been turning web properties into exciting, popular sites that people actually want to visit (TMZ, anyone?)

Now gamers will be able to log on to and talk about their class, raids, guilds, etc. You’ll most likely be able to post pictures of your character and of loot you’ve gotten. A gear search is probably inevitable, so keep an eye out to see if AOL creates its own Thottbot or Armory. No word yet on a launch date.

AOL Finds An Obvious Use For A World Of Warcraft Social Network [TechCrunch]