CrunchDeals: 32-inch LCD HDTV – $397!

You’re like us. You’re cheap. Ok, frugal, whatever. The point is you don’t have to spend a lotof money if you don’t have to. That’s why we bring you CrunchDeals, and today we’ve got a doozy. How does a 32-inch 720p LCD TV with built-in HD tuner for less than $400 sound? Yah, it sounds good. And no crappy shipping costs, it’s just the special of the week at your local Fry’s. So if you’ve been in the market for a new TV and have been waiting to pull the trigger, then now might be the time to take the shot.

And don’t let the fact that it’s an off-brand get to you; the Samsungs and Vizios and LGs are all made out of the same 1330×768 panels that these off-brands are, usually in the same factory. I’ve got a Syntax Olevia, which is feature and picture-wise identical to the LG model I almost bought, for almost a third of the price. You’ll like it.

Emprex HD3202 32″ 720P HD LCD TV [Fry’s Electronics’ Ads]