JVC Booth Tour

JVC is reviving the name Victor in Japan, which is actually quite cool. Victor, if you’ll remember, was the gramophone maker that advertised with little dog who tilted his head to the speaker cone, reacting to “His master’s voice.” It was a great proto-campaign that really sent a powerful message about audio reproduction.

Enough, nostalgia, though, because the booth was also pretty cool. They showed off a number of their Everio HDD camcorder line — my personal favorite — and some of their audio products including over-ear headphones and earbuds.

They also had the floating speaker thing in a jar of water, which still makes no sense to me. Further down they showed off their wood-cone speaker line which is quite striking. They had a few standalone units as well as a set of massive woofers made of finely polished wood. It was some of the most organic and attractive tech at the show.

Generally, this was nothing we haven’t seen before. However, it is interesting to see how powerful JVC is overseas in comparison to the fairly paltry line-up of items in the States. We can only pray that a few of these delights will soon be winging their way to our shores.