The Robots of Chiba

One thing CEATEC has a surfeit of is robots. They come in all sizes, from a twee bike-riding robot whose visage I cannot now find in my photo library to a set of guard robots that won’t do much guarding when you kick them over before they can alert the authorities. Then there was yesterday’s Sony Rolly, an embarrassment for all involved.

I grabbed photos of all the robots I could find and even interacted with a tentative little guide robot that eventually came back to my room with me and showed me the true meaning of “retractable claw.” It will be a summer wedding. My family will be there and Guardrobo will wear white, although I do believe I installed a third party app into her last night, if you get my drift.

Domo arrig… hey, put down that stick!

One can of Pokari Sweat, please.

NEC’s home robot — so cute, so unassuming, you’d be hard pressed to think it will soon be mining your body for precious bile.

Fujitsu’s Bar Robot — lulls you into a stupor, bashes your face in with a bottle of Old Parr

His mom dress him like this